twitter-gx is a client for console and GUI. It uses standard methods for console interaction and zenity for GUI interactions.

The name? gtwitter is taken, and xtwitter is too stereotypical. I miss my days of Descent and its Pyro GX, so I'm paying a form of homage to that.

Follow me on Twitter to get updates. I'm colindean and my and Sean Potter's review site, BIOS LEVEL, is bioslevel. Bob Buskirk, master of ThinkComputers, tweets to enigma5.

Props to the authors of the other scripts. I had this mostly written before I stumbled across @fsckin's post on Twitter clients for Linux.


I've released this under the New BSD license on Google Code. Check out twitter-gx on Google Code for up-to-date source, wiki, and a more accurate bugtracking system.

There is also an accompanying script for submitting images to twitpic. It works similarly, but has a slightly different syntax. Read the note in it for instructions.