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The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul available today

Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s latest book, The Revolution: A Manifesto was released officially today.

As of this posting, it’s #1 in Amazon’s Books section, as well as #1 in Books > Nonfiction > Social Sciences > Political Science > Political Doctrines, #1 in Books > Nonfiction > Philosophy > Political, and #1 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Leaders & Notable People > Political. It’s also 45% off because of the incredibly high volume of sales.

The book is not just a campaign book by the candidate from Texas. It’s a collection of thoughts on what must be done to ensure the continuance of the American experiment of self-government and rule-by-law. He explains why the dollar is failing, why the government is growing instead of shrinking, and how we are slowly surrendering our liberties in exchange for a false sense of security.

Lew Rockwell of LewRockwell.com, a libertarian columnist site, posted a fantastic comment on the Amazon product page:

Ron Paul’s legacy–from decades of principled defense of freedom, peace, and sound money–is inculcated in this very important book. Just the right length, it convincingly and eloquently advances the Ron Paul philosophy. It’s a book for beginners and for all of us, no matter how well-read, on liberty, Austrian economics, the Federal Reserve, the free market, the welfare state, and the warfare state. No mere “campaign book,” this is one for the ages. And I especially appreciated the suggested reading list at the end. Ron, thank you for your shining example in congress, for teaching millions through your presidential race, and for being–as this extraordinary book shows–the Tom Paine of the second American revolution. Fellow Ron Paulians, we have only begun.

Ron Paul also posted a message on YouTube regarding the The Revolution: A Manifesto.

I’ve had my copy for approximately a week now, but school’s been taking precedence. I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on it when I finish it.

Update: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. wrote an excellent article for LewRockwell.com entitled What Ron Paul’s Book Accomplishes. His review, summarized in a sentence: “It is a book that can change minds.”

Update: Bill Huff also contributed to LRC an article called Manifesto Destiny.

Ron Paul: Let’s Legalize Competing Currencies

Ron Paul spoke on the House floor this past Thursday, February 14, explaining how Congress could easily enable competing currencies, thus removing the stranglehold of the Federal Reserve bank and improving the exchange rate of all of America’s currencies.

Paul sees three steps, summarized here:

  1. Eliminate legal tender laws, enabling states to use whatever they wish as currency. Congress has no right to establish a legal tender, but yet it did so in 31 USC 5103.
  2. Repeal or amend the 1864 Coinage Act, passed during the gold rush in California to prevent private mints from circulating a currency which Congress felt was debased and undervalued compared to Federal Reserve notes.
  3. Eliminate capital gains and income tax on precious metals, such as gold and silver. These are currently treated as collectibles instead of currency. As the value of the dollar falls, the price of these metals increases relative to the dollar, but not to other currencies. As such, the taxes on these metals increase even though the actual value of the metal barely changes.

Read Ron Paul: Let’s Legalize Competing Currencies at LRC.

Earmarks do not increase spending…

…they tell an agency how to spend money it already has.

Ron Paul uses earmarks, but does not trade earmarks for yes votes like other congresspeople do. In fact, most of the earmarks he uses are for programs that return money to his constituents.

Read more in In Defense of Ron Paul’s Earmarks at LewRockwell.com.

If you love liberty, read LewRockwell.com

I’ve been reading LewRockwell.com regularly for more than a year now. It’s a libertarian columnist site, with columnists from throughout the world. I hesitate to call it a blog because it’s not—quite a few of the articles that appear on LewRockwell.com are published in newspapers and other sites, something which rarely happens to a blog.

Since Ron Paul has gained so much popularity, LewRockwell.com has been abuzz with RP-related material.

Lew Rockwell [is] the former congressional chief of staff to Ron Paul and founder and president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, [and] is an opponent of the central state, its wars, and its socialism.

Read more about him at the Lew Rockwell About page.

The most recent post as of this writing is A Nation of Sheep by Thomas DiLorenzo. DiLorenzo points to Andrew Napolitano’s new book of the same name and pulls a few choice quotations from it to show that Bush has done little but diminish the power of the Constitution he swore to protect. Give the post a read—it’s piqued my interest in the Napolitano book.