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Post the Constitution Day

I wish that there was a more appropriate day before February 5—Super Tuesday—to do this. The day prior, February 4, seems to be the best.

I want to urge all of my readers to spread this word to all of their readers and as much of the Internet as possible.

On this day, Monday, February 4, let we, the bloggers, columnists, and fellow citizens of the United States of America, remind our readers of the contents of the United States Constitution, the document which is the highest law of the land and the document which the every president swears to preserve, protect, and defend. Let us do this by posting the entire contents of the Constitution to our blogs and any other public forum which allows us to do so. Readers may then read the entire document, something which takes no more than fifteen minutes. It may be the first time some readers have ever read the Constitution.

We do this to remind American citizens of the Constitutional responsibilities of the President of the United States and the responsibility of all other persons to hold the President accountable for his or her promise. We do this also to remind American citizens that any Presidential candidate unwilling to swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution before being elected and unabashedly profess his or her will to adhere to the Constitution as close as possible is not a viable, capable, and suitable person worthy of the office of the President of the United States of America.

On this day, Monday, February 4, we post the entirety of the United States Constitution, herein contained.

I’m working on a decently postable HTML version based on the transcriptions provided by the National Archive:

It will be available at http://www.cad.cx/docs/constitution.html before the end of the night, Feb 1. In the event you’d rather post a version from a more official source (is there one?) or don’t trust me, then please, by all means, find another way to post the entirety of the Constitution to your blog and forums.

Update: My formatted version is posted at the URL above. If someone wants to make a BB code version, I’ll host it or link to it.

Update 2: I put a version without any newlines in it at http://www.cad.cx/docs/constitution-nonl.html.

Update 3: Here’s what I did: I post in HTML mode in my blog. I copied an pasted from the post page the bold block. Then, I went to http://www.cad.cx/docs/constitution-nonl.html and viewed the source, Ctrl+A to select all, then pasted that into the blog post. I put a short message in small and strong tags at the top saying, “Kopimi. Please post this article wherever you are able.” Linking back to me is not necessary, but a trackback would be nice so I can see who all did it. If you are unsure of what to do yet, wait until midnight EST—that’s when my post will go live and you can simply copy it. I’m still looking for someone with strong regexp-fu than I to make a proper BBcode version of the post. I tried, but I can only get a few elements with my skills.

Update 4: Digg. Newsvine. Slashdot.


  1. Bipin Adhikari:

    Dont you have anything to remind to the common people?

  2. Colin Dean:

    I’m not sure what you mean, Bipin. The Constitution is for the common people. It applies to every American, and every American should know what it is, what it means, and what they should hold their federal government accountable for.

  3. Kenneth Fach:

    I think yor idea is much needed. In fact, the nation should honor Constitution day by having workshops, public readings of the document, and public discourse. People should not have to work that day so that time is allowed to reflect on the Constitution and the wisdom of the founding fathers who created the Constitutional Republic.

  4. Colin Dean:

    Thanks, Kenneth. Help me spread it around!

  5. Matt McCleland:

    Somebody send this to Hillary and McCain

  6. Alex Getty:

    Consider this done. One of my Criminal Justice professors once asked a group of recruits before taking their oath of office whether they had read the Constitution. Upon realizing that no one had, he asked if they understood they were to uphold the Constitution as part of their oath. No one took their oath that day.

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