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If you love liberty, read LewRockwell.com

I’ve been reading LewRockwell.com regularly for more than a year now. It’s a libertarian columnist site, with columnists from throughout the world. I hesitate to call it a blog because it’s not—quite a few of the articles that appear on LewRockwell.com are published in newspapers and other sites, something which rarely happens to a blog.

Since Ron Paul has gained so much popularity, LewRockwell.com has been abuzz with RP-related material.

Lew Rockwell [is] the former congressional chief of staff to Ron Paul and founder and president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, [and] is an opponent of the central state, its wars, and its socialism.

Read more about him at the Lew Rockwell About page.

The most recent post as of this writing is A Nation of Sheep by Thomas DiLorenzo. DiLorenzo points to Andrew Napolitano’s new book of the same name and pulls a few choice quotations from it to show that Bush has done little but diminish the power of the Constitution he swore to protect. Give the post a read—it’s piqued my interest in the Napolitano book.

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